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WellPUR Organics and WellPUR Pets

We have successfully partnered in sourcing, creating, and distributing the most pure bio-available Broad Spectrum cannabinoid products on the market. Our company is committed to bringing our customers the highest Pharmaceutical grade CBD. Our CBD oil is derived from organically grown hemp plants. We contain 0.0% THC! This means our products generate absolutely no psychoactive effects or side effects associated with THC. Every batch of our oil is tested to validate our 0.0% THC claim to satisfy an ever-increasing demand for non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

We maintain the highest quality standards in the industry and we are proud to give WellPUR Organics and WellPUR Pets.

About the Founder – Kimberly Demetri

A wife, mom to an adorable little boy, and two sweet cats. Rescues animals in her spare time, CBD advocate and educator.

After a series of major life changes like, getting married, moving to a new town and becoming a first time mom to a beautiful little boy that surprised us all very late in life, I started to feel overwhelmed by new challenges that naturally come along with these adjustments and new dynamics. With all of these new life changes, I found myself desperately struggling to manage my levels of stress and anxiety. Raising a newborn, while being sleep deprived, plus managing a demanding career, and simply cramming too much into my day, my work productivity was suffering, as well as my ability to enjoy life with my new family.

Hearing my mother-in-law rave about how CBD has completely cured her chronic migraines after trying every option out there, I became curious. I have always been a big advocate of alternative healing practice and rarely even take an Advil, so looked into CBD for myself. That’s when I discovered that it was helping me with my own issues.

I felt the effects the following morning after giving it a try. I discovered I’d slept soundly through the night. The first time I’d done so in several years. I also noticed a significant decrease in my pain in my hip that lingered from an old injury. In fact, I started feeling a sense of relaxation that was present as well and my anxiety was not nearly as bad. I was pleasantly surprised and a bit shocked. These were significant changes that could only be attributed to the CBD. I knew I was onto something great here!

After looking into all the companies and products that flooded the CBD market, I knew I had a lot to learn about which products were legitimate and which
companies I could trust. The more educated and informed I became, the more I found that I needed to create top tier products that are superior in quality, all-natural, as well as farms that were nothing short of fully transparent. During my search, I also learned an unpleasant truth about the CBD industry. A large portion of the products being sold, both online and in-stores, simply are not efficacious, have artificial ingredients, are often mislabeled, and do not disclose any third-party testing. Since the CBD industry is still quite unregulated, consumers really have to do their homework prior to purchasing something, to make sure what they were ingesting wasn’t doing more harm than good.

After much research and due diligence, I was able to create products not only for people like myself but also for my beloved animals. Our CBD is purely natural, organic, carefully extracted and highly bio-available Broad Spectrum products on the market and even better, they come at an affordable price.

I am sure WELLPUR products will be a positive part of you and your pet’s wellness journey!

The CBD Validator Top 10 is a comprehensive list of the highest-scoring CBD oils available on the market according to a proprietary, data-driven rating system. The list is generated from the data collected on over 1,300 products; it cannot be bought or influenced by any CBD manufacturer or marketer.

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